9 Benefits Of Working During Christmas

Okay, we’re still in summer but for some of us, we know whether we’re going to be working the Christmas period or not. Some will be squabbling with family, some will be stuffing their faces and sadly for some of us, we’ll be working. There are some upsides to working over this winter festival period though, trust us. Bear with us.

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Places To Visit In The UK This Christmas

Let’s be honest, Christmas is a magical time of year. Whether you decide to take part in the celebrations or not it’s a great time to spend some precious time with loved ones and friends over the dark nights leading into the New Year.  You might be thinking of heading away to warmer climates but if you can’t manage that or you’re out of holiday leave from work there’s plenty of places to visit right here in the UK.  Your Christmas getaway can still happen. Let’s review some of the incredible spots to visit around the UK that will enable you to have a Christmas break to remember.

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Christmas Tree Production

You might not realise it when you’re looking at your tree sitting in the corner of your room, but there is a huge amount of work involved to get the tree from the ground to your home. Hopefully our guide to Christmas tree production will help you to appreciate the amount of work that goes into getting our real Christmas trees to your door! Continue reading