8 Real Reasons To Buy A Real Christmas Tree In 2018

The Christmas Tree is at the centre of tradition and festive cheer during the holiday season. This year, millions of us will be putting a tree up in our lounge or front room and if we’re going to look at it all over Christmas then shouldn’t we make it look nice?  It can be a difficult job to get the tree looking right, choosing the best baubles or getting the lights you want. One of the biggest decisions you need to make before selecting your decorations is choosing what type of tree you should have, a real or artificial tree?  Although people might prefer a fake tree as it might have less upkeep, Christmas is a time to get real. Check out the reasons why you should choose a real tree in 2018.

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  1. Picking the right tree is fun!

Buying a fake Christmas Tree comes with many pitfalls. You may see the display model and you think this gives you a good guide to what the tree will look like but you won’t really know what it’s like until you open the cardboard.

When you’re buying a real Christmas Tree, it’s more of a memorable experience.  It’s kind of like choosing a puppy. You can go around and look at all the different kinds of tree’s, puffing out their green chest in the hope you take it home in time for Christmas. You get to see the tree in all its glory before buying it.

At Real Christmas Trees Direct, we have a wide range of trees to choose from so you and the family can discuss which tree suits you the most.

  1. Real Trees Are Good For Your Health

We love waking up in the morning to that new pine smell. Pine isn’t just nice to smell it’s also good for your health. According to a 2007 study from the Kyoto University, pine has a positive effect on body and mind.  It says it can reduce depression, anxiety and stress.  Herbalists also say that pine needle tea is great for the immune system. So, there we have it, you can enjoy a real Christmas Tree as well as enjoying an improvement to your health.

An expert at the University of Surrey adds to this theory by saying a real trees relieves all kinds of stress and anxiety. She says people can recover from mental fatigue more when exposed to natural plants compared to fake environments.  She says that real trees and plants in an office environment improve the creativity and motivation of staff.

  1. It’s More Satisfying Decorating A Real Tree

It can really test your patience decorating a fake tree as you have those regimented gaps in between the green. Painting by numbers comes to mind when decorating them. You need to use your creative head when turning your attention to a real Christmas tree. It doesn’t follow the rules of plastic so when finished, it can be more satisfying with the finished article.


  1. Real Christmas Trees Look The Part

What’s the true meaning of Christmas? Well, of course, its outdoing everyone else and having the best tree to show off. And this can’t be achieved through a fake tree. A real tree simply looks the part. It makes the home feel more Christmas like. Real trees can transform your home.

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  1. You Can’t Trim An Artificial Tree

If a real tree doesn’t fit, you can simply cut the branches with the shears. With a fake tree, it can’t happen, you need to pack it back up and head to the shop to get a new one.

  1. A Christmas Tree Is Great For The Environment

Christmas Trees are great for the environment. According to the carbon trust, unlike fake trees, real Christmas Trees have a low carbon footprint. At the landfill, a fake tree has a carbon footprint twice that of a real tree.

  1. Real Trees Are Good For The Economy

By buying from Real Christmas Trees Direct it pumps money back into the UK economy.  It’s great for the environment, agriculture and the economy as previously mentioned. It employs people in the agricultural sector and the money goes back into the British system.

  1. You Can’t Turn A Fake Tree Into Compost

Fake trees end up being thrown out and added to landfill. A Real tree can be turned into green waste which is then made into compost which is great for everyone.

So now you know where to shop this year for your REAL Christmas Tree. We deliver to most places in the UK so please get in touch if you have any queries.