9 Benefits Of Working During Christmas

Okay, we’re still in summer but for some of us, we know whether we’re going to be working the Christmas period or not. Some will be squabbling with family, some will be stuffing their faces and sadly for some of us, we’ll be working. There are some upsides to working over this winter festival period though, trust us. Bear with us.

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It’s estimated that just under 1 million people around the UK work on Christmas Day and more on the likes of Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.  In years past it used to be emergency services and Church staff working but this trend has changed.

There are some upsides though. Think of the procrastinating you can get away while escaping the chaos of a family Christmas at home. Here are some upsides to working Christmas this year.

  • Public Transport

It might not be the first thing you think about but at least at this time of year, the trains and other public transport methods will be less cramped. You can actually have a relaxing commute and find a seat for once.

  • Bank Balance

While others may be enjoying a glass or two and eating away at their turkey, you can soak up all the sympathy from your family while also knowing your bank balance will also be in a healthier position.

  • Christmas Parties

You can excuse yourself from Christmas parties that you don’t want to attend. A shift at work the next day means nobody can say anything about you not attending.

  • Look good at the office

Use the time at the office to do nothing at all or get ahead with work, the choice is yours.  Just turning up to the office on Christmas Day is a good thing.  It’s the only time of year it’s acceptable to have a glass of bubbly at your desk, well maybe apart from people working in the police or hospitals.

  • Procrastinate to the max

Waste time in the office by walking to the water fountain. Waste time by excessive toilet breaks or ‘investigation work.’ Whatever it takes, you can procrastinate on Christmas day at work.

  • Escaping the In-laws

Avoid family politics if your mother-in-law is staying for Christmas. You can take the easy option and hide away in the office.

  • Christmas TV

You have claim to taking charge of the TV schedule for Christmas while maybe being able to kick back and put your feet up during Christmas cooking.

  • Feel a little smug

You knew you had to work over the Christmas period so you’ve done all your preparations for Christmas early this year…

  • Have fun

Remember it’s Christmas time to take time out, have a  nice lunch and kick back.  You’re working over Christmas remember!

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