christmas-tree-decorating3We’re a UK based Christmas tree company with a genuine passion for helping our customers celebrate Christmas authentically. A hugely important aspect of any Christmas celebration is the tree that you decide to use, and although there had been a slight increase in demand for fake trees over the past few years, the trend is very much towards having a real Christmas tree in your home throughout December. Nothing can replace the look, feel and smell of a real tree, all of which help to add to an authentic Christmas atmosphere and environment. The main reason that homeowners chose to have fake trees in their home for such a long time was that it was far less expensive to buy these than an authentic tree. But it’s now possible to purchase a real Christmas tree for a similar price as a fake, and with our UK wide delivery you can get a real tree regardless of where you’re based in the country. If you’ve never had a real tree in your home before then you’ve never had a real Christmas.



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