Real Christmas Trees Brighton


Looking for real Christmas trees in Brighton? We can help you out! We’ll deliver a freshly cut and wrapped tree direct to your door, ready to be put on display. To make sure you get the most out of your tree this Christmas, read our tips below very carefully before you place your order with us:

Pots and Stands

You might have been planning to keep your tree in your house standing up against a wall, but this is not optimal for the health of your tree. To ensure that your tree lasts you throughout the entire festive season, it’s important that you place it in a stand or pot that was designed specifically for the type of tree that you have. Cutting a tree to make it fit is not advisable as the outer layers of the tree are responsible for absorbing the majority of the water.


We’ve already mentioned that hydration is key to the health of your tree, but you won’t be expected to water your tree every day like you would with a plant. Simply leave a small amount of water at the bottom of your pot or stand to ensure that your tree has access to a constant supply of water throughout the day. The water should completely cover the base of the tree. If you don’t want to display your tree immediately then it’s a good idea to keep it in a cool place as this will help to improve the lifespan of the tree.


Although no home should be kept cool over the winter, heat is not good for your tree at all. Exposing the tree to prolonged heat will reduce the drying process of the tree, which will drastically reduce the lifespan. It’s going to be near impossible to keep your tree away from any kind of heat during the festive period, as you’ll likely have your heaters on or possibly even an open fire. But try your best to keep the tree away from the source of heat at all times, and if possible keep the tree near a window where it will be slightly cooler. If you live in a smaller house where space is limited then it might be a problem trying to keep the tree away from the source of heat, so the best thing to do is to keep the tree on the opposite wall of the heat source.

General Tips

If you follow the above tips closely then you’ll be more likely to keep your tree live and fresh for longer, but there are a few other important points that you should be aware of once you’ve got your tree. Be sure to keep small children and pets away from the tree when they’re playing, as if they knock into the tree it could fall and hurt someone which is a surefire way to ruin your Christmas! We also advise all of our customers to avoid throwing their tree into a landfill and having it recycled properly. There are collection services across the country that can help you with this.

Right, that’s enough lecturing. Time for you to order your real Christmas tree and to celebrate Christmas in style! If you still need a bit more advice then contact us here. If not, order here.

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