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Staying in Bristol and looking for a real Christmas tree? We can deliver it straight to your door. But before you order your tree from us, make sure you take a read of our care tips to ensure that you get the most out of your tree and that it’ll last you all the way through the Christmas period:

Choosing your stand

The stand that you use to keep your tree standing is arguably the most important aspect of caring for your tree. If you choose the wrong type of stand, your tree won’t be able to survive through the Christmas period. Luckily, we have an extensive selection of Christmas tree stands for every type of tree that we sell, so your tree will continue to look great throughout December, which you can find here.

Each stand gives an indication of the size and species of tree that it is suitable for. It’s vital that you buy a stand which will fit your tree perfectly, rather than cutting the tree to make it fit. Cutting the sides of the tree will negatively affect the ability to absorb water, which will reduce the lifespan of the tree considerably. The outer layers of the tree are the most efficient at absorbing water, so it’s vital that they remain intact for the health and longevity of the tree. However, cutting a small disk of wood from the base of the trunk is perfectly acceptable and is actually advisable to ensure that the tree fits well in the stand and doesn’t fall over.

Take a look at our collection of stands here to find the perfect choice for your tree.


Pots can provide the same support as stands but have the advantage of looking slightly more appealing and coming in a variety of patterns and designs. However, if you decide to use a pot for your tree then you’ll need to be extra careful with your choice. We have a range of pots that are suitable for all of the trees we sell, and we can offer advice on the best choice of pot for your tree.

Take a look at our collection of stands here to find the perfect choice for your tree.


The main appeal of a real Christmas tree is how colourful and vibrant they are compared to fake trees, but this vibrancy will only maintain if the tree is well looked after and kept hydrated. As soon as you get the tree home, you should place it in water as soon as possible. The species of tree that we sell can still take up water between 6-8 hours after being cut, so if you get your tree in water as quickly as possible you can ensure that the tree remains healthy. Until you’ve set up your stand or pot, you can place the tree in a bucket. If you don’t want to put the tree up immediately then you can store it in a cool place for several days before being put up.


An open fire is a common sight in homes across the country during Christmas, but you’ll need to try and keep your tree away from the heat if you want it to remain healthy. Ideally, your tree should be kept away from fireplaces, heaters, heat vents, and even direct sunlight as best as possible. If you keep the tree in heat for too long then you’ll end up drying the tree out, which will affect it’s ability to absorb water effectively and will lead to a tree that will die early. However, we understand that in smaller houses it isn’t always possible to keep your tree away from the fire, and if this is the case for you then we’d suggest using a fireguard to try and protect the tree slightly from the heat. However, using lights that produce very low heat can actually help to reduce the drying of the tree, so all the more reason to cover it in decorations!


Keeping your tree in water is essential to ensure it is kept healthy, but the temperature of the water that you use is not important and changing temperature won’t affect the water uptake. Check the water level on a daily basis to ensure that the water level never falls below the base of the tree, and check the bottom of the base for water as it can often stay there without you noticing it.

General Safety

Remember that trees can be heavy, and if they were to fall on someone (particularly a child) then it could cause injury. This is why we emphasise the importance of choosing the right stand for your tree and reminding younger children not to push the tree or

Make sure that you turn the lights off before heading to bed as an electrical fault could result in a fire.

Once Christmas has passed and you’re ready to take your tree down, get it collected by a company instead of placing it on your fire. Christmas trees haven’t been treated in the same way as firewood and can be dangerous when burnt.

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