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Looking for a real Christmas tree in Fife? We can deliver a healthy tree straight to your door, and we have a variety of popular species available for you to choose from. But before you place your order, make sure that you read our guide to help you get the most out of your tree throughout the whole of the festive season:

Pots and Stands

You might have noticed the Pots and Stands section on our homepage, and if you’ve take a look you’ll see that we recommend a few different products that can all be delivered along with your tree. The post or stand that you choose for your tree has to be a perfect fit; otherwise the health and appearance of your tree will be affected. Luckily, every product on our site been rigorously tested and will keep your tree looking great until the day you take it down.


Proper hydration will ensure that your tree remains healthy and attractive right until the day you take it down, but is often overlooked by people who’ve bought Christmas trees and are keeping them in their home for long periods of time. However, it should be a priority. If you’re planning on putting the tree up immediately then you’ll need to place it in water as soon as you get it into your house. If you haven’t had time to set the stand or pot up properly then you can fill a bucket of water and use that instead. Make sure that the water covers the base of the tree, as this will ensure proper absorption of water.


Although it is advisable to keep your tree in cool conditions where possible, we understand that most homes during Christmas are kept fairly warm. For this reason, we simply advise that the trees are kept away from heat sources like fireplaces, heat vents and heaters. If the tree gets too hot it will slow down the drying process, which will reduce the drying rate and affect the amount of water that the tree can absorb comfortably.

General Safety

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind once you’ve got your tree:

  • Ensure that kids and pets don’t behave too erratically near the tree as it if it was to fall on someone it could result in injury
  • Small lights are fine as decorations but larger lights could reduce the drying process
  • Get your tree collected once you’re finished with it rather than burning it as the tree won’t have been properly prepared for burning and may release harmful toxins

Hopefully you’ve got enough information now to get the most out of your Christmas tree and to make sure that it lasts the entire festive season. If you need any more information about tree care or want us to deliver a tree to you in Fife, please get in touch with us here.

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