Real Christmas Trees Leeds


Looking for a real Christmas tree in Leeds? We can deliver a freshly cut tree straight to your door. If you’ve been considering a real tree for a while but haven’t placed your order yet, we can offer some insight into why you should definitely get a real tree this Christmas:


A fake tree catching fire will release toxins in the air which could potentially cause people harm when they breathe them in. With a real tree, if an accident where to happen it would be simply a case of putting the fire out rather than having to deal with toxins too. In the event of an accident involving fire, it is much better to have a real tree in your home. Real Christmas trees also don’t catch fire as easily as artificial trees, as long as they are well cared for.


Artificial trees cannot be recycled – once they are disposed of, they will end up in a landfill, where they will take up valuable space and never disintegrate. Plus, artificial tress contain non Meanwhile real Christmas trees must be recycled – otherwise the council could get involved. Burning the tree is not advised. Instead, use a Christmas tree collection service to dispose of your tree properly. If you’re using an artificial tree then you’re exposing the environment to toxins like non-biodegradable plastics and metals which will harm the environment in the


You cannot replace the smell of a real Christmas tree, despite the efforts of car freshener companies to try and replicate it! Some companies have even started selling bottled ‘Christmas sprays’ designed to be sprayed all over artificial Christmas trees to try and make it smell authentic, but there is a better solution – get a real tree! The smell will add to the festive spirit in your home and help you to create a comforting Christmas atmosphere.


As hard as they might try, companies producing artificial trees have not yet managed to accurately replicate the look of real Christmas trees. It’s always painfully obvious when a tree is artificial, and although many people don’t mind the appearance of an artificial tree, it isn’t always the best look to have in your home. We think that a real tree is the best way to capture the look and feel of Christmas at home.

Having a real Christmas tree can be the finishing touch for your home this December. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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