Real Christmas Trees Liverpool


Are you looking for real Christmas trees in Liverpool? We can help out! We’ll deliver a healthy, freshly cut tree direct to your door, ready to be put up. Here is some general care information to make sure you get the most out of your tree once it arrives:

Pots and Stands

An aspect of a healthy Christmas tree that a lot of people overlook is the method that you use to keep it upright. You’ll first have to find a suitable stand – or pot, if you’re feeling fancy (both of which we sell through our website here). This part is fairly straightforward, but the hard part is all of the other work that you’re going to have to do to make sure that the tree stays healthy in the pot or stand that you’re using.


An important aspect of Christmas tree care that many people often overlook is keeping your tree well hydrated. Although not all companies advise customers to keep their trees hydrated, we would always advise that you provide your tree with a constant supply of water to keep it looking great throughout the festive period. If you keep a small bit of water at the bottom of your stand or pot then your tree will be able to keep hydrated for as long as you have it in your home. Just make sure that the water completely covers the base of the tree, otherwise it won’t be able to properly absorb the water.


It’s not unusual for homes to be slightly warmer during winter. In fact, it’s recommended to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone living in the house over Christmas. Although your real Christmas tree will be able to cope with a bit of heat, you should try your best to keep them out of the way of intense heat as best as you can. If you have an open fire or a heater in your home, then you’ll need to make sure that your tree is kept away from this area as best as possible. If your tree is kept in a hot environment then it will gradually reduce the drying process, which causes it to retain moisture and reduce the lifespan of the tree.

General Safety

There are a few general safety tips that we recommend that all of our customers follow once they’ve bought one of our trees to ensure the safety of everyone in the house. It’s a good idea to prevent smaller children and pets from playing near the tree, as if the tree was to be knocked it could possibly fall over and hurt someone. The best way to prevent anyone from playing near the tree is to use a guard of some sort, and possibly remove it on Christmas Day as most of the family will probably be in the room with the tree on this day and will be able to make sure that nobody is playing near it. You’ll also want to make sure that the decorations you’re using on the tree are suitable, especially if you’re using lights on the tree. Although smaller lights tend to be fine, larger lights can often emit low levels of heat, which could slow down the drying process and reduce the lifespan of the tree.

Hopefully by now you’ve read all of the information above and you feel ready to be the proud owner of a real Christmas tree! If you need any more advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Otherwise you can order your tree from us here.


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