Real Christmas Trees Newcastle


Looking for a real Christmas tree in Newcastle? We have an extensive selection that you can choose from to create your perfect Christmas this year, and we can deliver the tree straight to your door and even collect it too. However before you order, make sure that you read the information below so you can get the best out of your tree this Christmas:


The stand that you choose for your tree is arguably the most important element to ensure that it remains healthy and colourful throughout the whole Christmas period. We have a range of stands that you can take a look at here and that will provide optimal support for your tree.


Pots can provide similar support to stands but often look far more appealing and are the perfect way to keep your tree healthy and add even more Christmas spirit to your home. If you’re not sure what type of pot to get then drop us a message and we can advise you on the best pot for your tree.


Keeping your tree hydrated will ensure that it remains healthy as long as possible and that it will continue to look attractive in your home. Ideally you want to put the tree in water as soon as you get it into your home, but if this isn’t possible or you don’t want it on display immediately then it is perfectly acceptable to store the tree in a cool place away from direct sunlight before putting it up.


As a general rule, keep your tree away from heat wherever possible. This might be slightly harder in smaller houses with heaters and fireplaces where rooms are much tighter, but often using fireguards is enough to keep the tree out of harm. If possible, try to limit the use of larger lights as decorations on the tree, as even very low heat can slow the drying process, which will limit the amount of water that the tree can absorb.


As mentioned, you want to try and get your tree into water as soon as possible (ideally 6-8 hours after being cut) but if this isn’t possible then the sooner the better. Initially you might want to store the tree in a bucket before putting it in the stand or pot, which is fine – as long as the base of the tree is covered to ensure proper hydration.

General Safety

Having a large tree in your home is obviously something that most families aren’t used to, so be sure that nobody is playing too near the tree as it could fall onto someone and potentially cause injury. You’ll also want to make sure that any electrical decorations you’re using on your tree aren’t left on overnight as they might cause a fire.

So, you’ve hopefully read the above information all the way through (!) and you’re now ready to order your real Christmas tree. If you’re living in Newcastle and you want a tree delivered straight to your door, we can provide you with it. Place your order here.

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